Let’s be honest: changing lifestyle is difficult, especially for many middle age males that train regularly in the gym and don’t have any weight issue. Yes, there are the added benefits of a better health, but they are not easy to quantify if you already are in a reasonable shape and good health.

But if we talk about sex life and performances, immediately you get the attention of all those men, believe me!

One of the reasons of declined muscle mass and sex drive in many adult males is the reduced testosterone production. After reaching it’s peak at about age 20, testosterone production slowly decreases, and many researches point to a reduction of about 1% per year after 30.

Low levels of testosterone can result in diminished strength and physical performances, cause weight gain and loss of bone density, but also in a sharp decline in libido and even erection dysfunction.

Now that I have your attention, let’s see what can instead improve the testosterone levels. Weight lifting, if properly done, can significantly raise this important hormone levels, but it’s important to keep cortisol very low because it has the opposite effect. A few very intense sets of 5-8 reps with 3-5 minutes of rest between sets is the best way to obtain this result, even better when followed by a good keto meal with plenty of fatty beef and a good night of sleep.

Yes, the keto lifestyle is actually proven to increase your testosterone and sex drive, and that’s alone should be a good reason to start eating this way. In a recent study, just 10 weeks of ketogenic diet (KD) together with weight lifting brought to a significant increase of total testosterone compared to a traditional western diet (WD).


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