For years drug companies have tried to find a cure for Alzheimer disease, without any success. The problem is, Alzheimer is a neurodegenerative disease and is the leading cause of dementia, but all the researches to find a medication that either could slow or stop neuronal damage failed.

But in the last couple of decades, a strong body of evidence about the causes of Alzheimer started to emerge, and it seems that it could be much more effective to prevent it than to cure it.

A growing number of studies point toward insulin deficiency and insulin resistance as mediators of Alzheimer neurodegeneration, and scientists started to wonder if the disease could be caused by obesity, diabetes and related metabolic syndrome.

But then a big study published in 2008 proposed the concept that Alzheimer could be a brain-specific form of diabetes, and started using the term type 3 diabetes to identify it.

A low carb or ketogenic diet is proved to help reduce insulin resistance and has been used with success not only with type 2 diabetes patients, but increasingly even with type 1 diabetes patients, and could be the key to reduce the risk of Alzheimer, too: people that have insulin resistance have an increased risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease estimated to be between 50% and 65% higher, and there is a strong correlation between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer.

Instead of a “miracle drug”, the answer to prevent this horrible disease could simply be a diet with less carbohydrates.

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