Arrosticini (a word that can be loosely translated in small roasts) is a traditional recipe from the Abruzzo region in Italy, but it has recently became popular in Australia as well.

Not only they are delicious, but they are very easy to make, even if you don’t fancy yourself as a cook, and have the much loved lamb as the main ingredient.

Abruzzo has a long history as a region of shepherds, and most recipes are based on lamb and mutton meat.

Ingredients for two:
– lamb shoulder 700g
– Extra Virgin Olive oil 30g
– some fresh rosemary
– salt

For the best result you would need a charcoal or wood fire barbecue, but a gas one will do as well. If you are using a gas barbie, dice the lamb al let it rest a few hours in a marinade made with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and pepper, to compensate for the lack of flavour given by the charcoal.

Dice the lamb in cubes of approximately 1cm, than put them on skewers. Cook them on high heat until they are well caramelized outside but still pink inside, using a rosemary stalk to spread some oil on them.

I personally like to put on them some finely chopped fresh garlic and parsley, and add a squeeze of lemon: heaven!

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