The myth of CICO (Calories In, Calories Out) seems hard to kill. I understand the appeal, it’s catchy, easy to explain and apparently faultless. But it’s not true.

Even in the keto community, many are still convinced that a calorie is a calorie and that to lose weight you simply need to calculate your energy expenditure and eat less than that.

Simple, right?

So, are you really convinced that eating 1,000 calories of sugar has the same effect on your body fat that eating 1,000 calories from chicken breast? It should, a calorie is a calorie after all.

A few clinical studies show how eating the same calories but split in two meals instead of 4 or 5 is an effective way of losing fat and improving insulin sensitivity, but they have to be wrong, after all a calorie is a calorie, right?

Fact is, the time of a meal, the number of meals in a day, the macro of your meals (proteins/fats/carbohydrates) your genetic and other parameters all have an influence on your body weight and your metabolic health.

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