The problem with most dietitians, nutritionists and health coaches is that they often looks at well being from a restricted point of view.

Yes, what you eat is important, and eating well can make a huge difference in terms of length and quality of life, but if you live in an unnatural environment, full of artificial lights and electromagnetic radiations (EMR), you live a stressful life away from the natural rhythms you still risk to compromise your health.

Apart from eating habits, not sleeping well is the other issue that can seriously make you sick. It’s not just a matter of resting, it’s an hormonal factor: disrupting the natural circadian rhythm and depressing melatonin production will eventually bring to metabolic diseases like diabetes, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.

Does it seem excessive? It’s not.

Melatonin is one of the best antioxidant that our body can produce, but it also activate other antioxidants and it is considered a hydroxyl radical scavenger, capable of neutralize hydrogen peroxide, and nitric oxide amongst others.

So, can’t we just get some melatonin pills?

Well, you can, but keeping the malatonin system balanced isn’t easy, and as it happens with other hormones, when you add exogenous melatonin you seriously risk depressing its natural production, exacerbating the problem instead of fixing it.

Spend more time outdoor, get some sunlight in the morning or during the day, stay away from blue light and electronic devices as much as possible, especially in the evening, use incandescent lights (illegals in Australia…) instead of LED lights, use light filtering glasses at night. Be less stressed, reduce your cortisol, play ball with your sons, have a walk in the bush.

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