I was just reading this great article written by Rob Wolf, where he express his frustration having to discuss with people that repeat some unproven mantra and praise the god of bullet proof coffee as a remedy for everything, including weight loss.

Dealing with people who wants to loose weight and get fit, this is a recurring issue. Jan for example is a very intelligent middle age woman, she lost over 10 kg on a low carb diet, then switched to keto and lost another 10, but she still has at least another 20 to lose and she seems not able to have any more progress.

“I’m following my macro scrupulously”, she says. And it’s true, so the problem has to be those macros, I reply.

This of course can’t be true, because the macros are provided by a very large keto group on Facebook, where tons of people are having amazing results gulping down litres of coffee with butter and heavy cream, and where the usual answer when someone isn’t having results is “eat more fat”.

Oh, dear.

A famous quote, broadly attributed to Albert Einstein (even if it seems it’s not the case) says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you are not losing weight, then you decide to eat more fat and not only you aren’t losing weight but you are even gaining it, it should probably occur to you that you are doing the wrong thing.

Luckily, we have a great free macro calculator that will help you finding the right amount of protein and fat to obtain your goal, being it to lose weight or to gain muscle.

Bill is eating too much fat.
Bill is not losing weight.
Don’t be like Bill.

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