Strangely enough, since I’ve started coaching the keto lifestyle I’ve met a quite large number of vegan that changed their mind and decided to go embrace animal proteins, with a not insignificant few deciding to go zero carbs, i.e. meat only.

Now, this isn’t a post where I want to discuss pros and cons of eating meat, I recognize there are some people who make choices based on their ethic or religious believes rather than pursuing healthy living or weight loss. The fundamental question is: is it possible to follow a vegan or vegetarian keto diet?

Short answer: yes, is quite possible to eat keto if you are vegetarian; no, it’s not possible at all if you are vegan (even if there is plenty of people on the net trying to show you otherwise, good luck with that).

A vegetarian is usually a person who don’t eat meat. I wrote usually, because there are nuances in the vegetarian world, with some more open to seafood or other who don’t eat cheeses made with animal rennet.

Whichever is your flavour, you can quite easily adapt it to a keto lifestyle, providing you eat eggs and dairy. Fact is, no carbs protein sources are basically just meat, seafood, eggs and some dairy, so unless you want to go down the “but I can have three soy proteins shakes a day” path, and we really don’t advocate doing it, you cant eat vegan and keto at the same time.

But if you are a vegetarian, a few eggs a day and some mature cheese should be enough to give you a reasonably good amount of proteins: four large (700g) eggs provide approximately 30g of proteins, 100g of mature cheese between 20g and 35g, so putting together a reasonable amount of high quality proteins doesn’t seem to be an issue.

You still have to be careful and avoid completely what are considered the basic staple for vegetarians: legumes. Legumes have gained a reputation of healthy food, while they are in fact the opposite of that, with a very high content of anti nutrients and carbohydrates and a very low quality protein content.

And of course, especially if you are of older age, you are an athlete or you want to gain some muscle mass, you can still add some protein shakes to your deal plan, just avoid the soy based ones like plague!

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