Short answer: it could be, but not necessarily.

The paleo diet has two significant differences compared to LCHF and keto: it advocates the removal of any dairy products, including cheese, butter and cream.

I won’t discuss here the reasons and the merit of this choice, I’ll just note that high fat dairy products are often a very important component of LCHF and keto diets, since they are high in good quality proteins and fats and used in many recipes and dishes.

The other difference is that there isn’t any explicit restriction on carbs, only on most food containing carbs. This is a very important aspect of the paleo diet, and it’s where it differentiate the most from any low carb diet.

Limiting carbs is a consequence of eliminating grains, and most paleo coaches extend this to most fruits and other sources of carbs, too, but not all of them.

A quick seach on (yes, I know, I’m a snob and I prize my privacy, and I’d rather use or instead of Google, you should, too!) shows that many paleo recipes have a significant amount of carbs, often from honey or fruit.

Of course our ancestral relatives ate fruit and honey, but I cannot for the life of me imagine any of them being able to access those delicacies consistently and in quantities. And certainly Krukk’s wife didn’t bake him a lot of bliss balls with honey and dates every day…

So, is paleo a good diet? The answer is yes, it’s certainly a *better* diet than most, and if done properly, avoiding most sugars, it could be a very low carb or keto diet, and some people could benefit from removing dairy from their diet.

Me, I enjoy my homemade sour cream or cheese (better if made from goat or ewe milk) without exaggeration.

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