Have you noticed that keto and low carb themes are increasingly popular on TV and newspapers? Most of the articles are still advocating “healthy” carbohydrates and demonizing saturated fats, but at least they can encourage people to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet.

Some articles though seem to get it right, or almost right.

It’s the case with a recent one on news.com.au about an Australian woman who lost more than 50 kg in a year, a remarkable result obtained thank to a strict keto diet. It’s interesting to see that the woman was put on keto by her doctor, to help ease her hormone and fertility issue. After being on several medication after giving birth to help with her PCOS, the doctor encouraged her to try a keto diet, with spectacular results.

All good, then? Well, almost.

“The strict ketogenic diet has meant Teresa has cut all carbs in favour of high protein, high fat foods such as oily fish, lean meat, nuts, avocados and eggs”. They really can’t get this right, can they? The whole idea of avoiding fat is so deeply radicated that the author of the article confuses “fat meat” with “lean meat”.

But they’ll get there, eventually. Doctors, at least the ones who care, are increasingly curing diabetes, PCOS and autoimmune diseases with low carb or ketogenic diets, lowering the costs for the public health system in the process: everyone win, or at least everyone but the health industry…

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