One of the common misconceptions about a low carb diet is that it can be useful to just lose weight. While it’s very true that ditching the carbs can is probably the easiest and healthiest way to lose fat, and makes keeping your ideal weight very easy, many choose to follow a ketogenic, Paleo or generically a low carb diet as a long term lifestyle, to stay healthy and active.

A new research from he Northeast Ohio Medical University in the US now shows that a ketogenic low carb diet can also be beneficial for patients with glaucoma, a condition can cause vision loss or even blindness.

This is because a ketogenic diet improves the mitochondrial function, with more energy available thanks to the ability of a keto diet to reverse MCT decline (MCT as monocarboxylate transporters, not to be confused with MCT oils). It’s interesting to note that MCT dysfunctions are associated with many pathologies of the central nervous system, epilepsy and metabolic disorders.


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