Disclaimer: this post is mostly for blokes, not because of the different biochemistry but because the general attitude toward food.

Being on a diet is a pain. It’s not just that you usually have to eat less than you would like to, and often food that you don’t like that much, but also because you have to weigh everything.

Well, not necessarily.

A simple way to start a keto diet and have amazing results in terms of weight loss and improved health is simple to eat meat and green vegetables. Eat as much as you like, any meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fatty cuts or leaner one), any way of cooking it (grilled or in the slow cooker, roasted in the oven or in a pan).

Use liberally fats like butter, lard, drippings or extra virgin olive oil, all the salt that you like, add some cream or cheese to veggies like broccoli and bake them or just nuke them in the microwave with generous butter and garlic.

You feel like a half a kg steak? Go for it!

Eat when you want to eat, as much as you like, but only those foods. Drink coffee or tea without sugar or sweeteners, water and a glass or two of red wine if you like (but not beer). Period. I can guarantee you’ll have fantastic results, you’ll lose fat and most likely you’ll gain some muscle, even without doing any weight lifting (but if you do it will be even better).

Do it for a month, for a year or forever. For some it’s very boring, hence the disclaimer, this is a regimen that appeals mostly to blokes, but it’s extremely effective for everyone, man or woman, young or old.

Bring out the Weber!

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