Let me be very clear: if you think of losing weight sweating in the gym on a treadmill you are just wasting your time. Same apply for any other form of exercise, it simply doesn’t work as many thinks to burn fat.

I know that in the last few years, to justify the obesity epidemic, many doctors started pushing the Coca-Cola mantra of calorie in, calorie out, exercise as a way to maintain your weight and health even eating their crappy food every day. It’s a catchy slogan, it seems to make sense, you eat a pizza and then you run a little bit more.

It doesn’t work, though.

Have a look at the statistics released by the American National Center for Health last month: not only Americans have a all time high level of obesity, but they also have a all time adherence to federal physical activity guidelines for aerobic activity. They run and exercise more and they are even fatter!

On a high carb diet, aerobic activity uses glycogen stored in muscles as a source of energy. Depleting your glycogen on a push bike or running in the park simply makes you more hungry for carbs, to replenish that storage.

So, unless you have a strong willpower and can limit your calories even if you train hard, you risk actually eating more that you consumed in the gym.

Exercise is very important to stay healthy, keep your bones strong and promote mental wellness, especially HIIT weight lifting (we’ve talked about this in other posts), but if you want to lose weight it’s not that important.

Link: MedPage Today

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