One of the things that’s missed on a low carb diet is the crunch. That beautiful texture that we love is mostly obtained with starches, but you can still recreate something similar.
Pork crackling is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, and I admit being a little addicted to that stuff, together with chicharrones and anything that involves pork skin.
The one in the picture is made very simply with a sandwich press, just lay down the pork skin salted on both sides, switch the press on and in about 30 minutes you’ll have the best and easiest crackling of your life.
The hardest problem to solve is probably bread, though. Even if there are plenty of good recipes for keto breads, most of them have too much nuts to be eaten often and usually don’t toast well. Some are too eggy, other tastes like coconut.
My wifes passion for baking brought her to experiment and to develop a great recipe for a keto bread that toast wonderfully, doesn’t crumble and has just a bit of almonds, no recipe for now but we’ll talk soon about this. 😀 You can use any low carb bread for this recipe anyway.
I love it with some smashed avocado, seasoned with a bit of EVOO, salt&pepper and lemon juice, add some smoked salmon on top and a fried egg yolk (cook it at very low temperature in EVOO until is crispy at the bottom,and firm but still a little runny at the centre.
Add a glass of Brut Nature methode traditionelle (Dan Murphy’s has an excellent Spanish Cava Brut Nature at a very reasonable price, I believe $16: Brut Nature is significantly drier than Brut, with a maximum sugar content of less than 2 grams per litre) and the entree is served!

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