The big food companies can’t easily profit from raising grass-fed beef or growing kale. That’s the conclusion of a Wall Street Journal article about the decline in the sales of packaged products in supermarkets, and that’s probably one of the reason why there is so much ostracism toward low carb diets: what LCHF, keto and paleo have in common is the shift toward fresh produce and a drastic reduction of processed foods, good for your health but bad (very bad!) for the pockets of some companies.

“The classic consumer food companies—makers of cereals, snacks, soups and condiments—are no longer the staples of pantries or portfolios” is the ominous warning of the article, “shares of some are down by a third or more over the past year.” it continues.

So, next time you walk down the supermarket isle with all those beautiful cardboard boxes full of “food”, think about the poor CEOs and edge funds investors… and then go to the butcher of farmer’s market instead!

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