Short answer: no, unless you want to get rid of the last few stubborn kilograms or you are an elite athlete.

Let’s be honest, macro calculators are a big help for some ketoers but tracking your macros every day is a pain in the arse. You can do it for a while, and it’s certainly interesting to see how your body reacts to more or less fats, or more or less proteins, but you certainly can’t think of doing it for the rest of your life!

And isn’t the possibility to eat to satiety one of the advantages of a keto diet? It certainly is, and it’s the way it should be once you are reached your ideal weight.

Let’s be even more clear for the sake of the beginners, who seem to be more and more every day (good!).

The best approach, or at least the one that has less chance of been abandoned after a few weeks, is to completely remove all carbs from day one, and eat only fatty meat and veggies until completely fat adapted; this phase could last four to eight weeks, or even more if your metabolism is completely fucked up after years and years of crappy food.

Most people will still lose weight, even eating too much fat, and some will continue for a much longer time than just a few weeks. The less fortunate will reach a plateau and won’t lose any more weight, though, and at that point it could be helpful to start tracking your macros (no worries, we have a great free macro calculator here).

Most likely, if you stalled you are probably eating too much fat. Hey, wait a minute, but wasn’t this a high fat diet? Yes, it is, but “high” compared to what? Do you really think that if you are a middle age obese woman with a sedentary life you can gulp down a couple of coffees a day with sticks of butter in it and still lose weight?

So, bottom line, if you are still losing weight or you reached your ideal weight, forget tracking macros and enjoy life, go out for a walk or play outdoor with your kids. Eat when you are hungry as much as you like providing you keep your carbs at 20-25 grams a day or below.

If not, you need to adjust your diet. Use our macro calculator, even better if you know exactly your body fat percentage (no, the bathroom scales that “measure” your body fat aren’t a thing, if you really believe it I have a bridge to sell you), and track your macros diligently until you start dropping fat again.

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