More than a quarter (26%) of apparently fit 6-year-old children in Sweden have at least one metabolic risk factor requiring action, according to researchers. Not surprisingly, Dr. Emma Kjellberg of the Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg found that kids in the higher-weight groups were significantly more likely to be insulin resistant than the normal weight group (28% vs. 5%). This was also the case for high triglycerides (8% vs. 0%). Children with high waist circumferences had significantly higher systolic and diastolic blood pressure than those with normal waist circumferences.

If that sounds scary enough, it’s because it is. We are talking about 6 years old kids with all the sign of a very serious metabolic syndrome who will have a significant higher risk of diabetes, coronary diseases and stroke.

“The study that included otherwise healthy full-term children shows metabolic alterations within the scope of the metabolic syndrome, mostly due to overweight and obesity, are present already in preschoolers.” says Dr. Kjellberg,  “It is not common knowledge that metabolic status as well as body composition is influenced in children at this early age.”

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