A common and sad sight nowadays in most gyms is a pletora of overweight women running and puffing on treadmills or doing estenuating spinning classes or high reps weight lifting. They have an amazing stamina, they obviously train very hard and they can probably run a marathin in a decent time, and yet they are still fat and show a lack of muscle tone.

My tip? Stop with all that nonsense.

If you want to have a sculpted body with toned muscles, you better start thinking about High Intensity Interval Training, that translates in heavy weights, few reps, long rests. And no, you won’t build up “too much muscle”, believe me!

Forget cardio, it’s the worst way to loose fat and it won’t do almost anything to shape your body. Forget those pinky dumbells, too, and go straight to the weight room where all the big boys are. Don’t be afraid, they’ll appreciate your effort and they’ll be happy to help you as well.

The good thing is that the volume of training required to obtain significant results with HIIT is a fraction of whould you would think: 40 minutes three times a week instead of hours running, 4-6 reps with 4-5 minutes of rest between sets instead of estenuating long series with little of no rest.

And don’t worry about the BS you read on those magazines about how women should train.

As a plus, training hard with low reps and long rests doesn’t produce any of the unpleasant side effects of other kind of training: no lactic acid produced means no day after pain in your muscles, non cortisol released means no inflamation.

All gain and no pain!

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